Product Review: Quiesta Memory Foam Pillow

Product Review: Quiesta Memory Foam Pillow, Shredded MemoryHere’s a little look at the Fiesta bamboo memory flake pillow.

So the bag on top here that’s actually what the pillow comes in believe it or not find step back. You can see the pillow underneath it and you’d never believe that pillow fit in that bag but it did and it was very squish. Down and placed in the bang you take it out of the bag. it looks kind of glad at first but give it about 10 minutes to fully expand and you enough with the big fluffy pillows like this right here.

Now I have slept on this pillow for the last two nights and it is a super. Super comfortable pillow and the if you push down here it contours to your shape and just comes back to life as soon as you let go. So if you were to roll over as you can see there it just shape with you without staying in one shape. It’s very very comfortable probably one of the most comfortable pillows I’ve ever owned. I highly recommend it.

He’s just a little bit further look and this pillow case here is actually on the pillow it’s a zips on here at the UN but here’s a look at what the fill it looks like underneath that included for the case. So ┬áit’s soft material you can feel the phone we even better without that pillowcase on there like to say this is a super super comfortable pillow contours to your head shape. Very nice it’s very comfortable to sleep on and again i highly recommend it.