Review of Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine

Bissell Big GreenPros:

Generally, a vacuum cleaner works well. The stated capacity of his 330 Tues It does not have all sorts of other filters that need to constantly change. Its filter can be washed with water from the tap and it works great on.

The vacuum cleaner Bissell 86T3/86T3Q Big Green has a water heating system. It heats the water to 14 Celsius. It becomes even more effective cleaning. Incidentally, the heating water is controlled by an automatic thermostat. More than 88 degrees the solution is not heated. If you feel that the water is hot enough, but continues to heat, heating can be switched off manually. The switch is located behind the device. I often use them while cleaning the kitchen or hallway. Perfectly washes the floor, dried spots or old. (source)

After cleaning, it must be cleaned. Doing this is much easier than in some other models. You do not have to disassemble the floor cleaner to clean and floss every crack. Everything is much simpler: to pour the dirty water from the container, which is a bucket. Rinse it, then the pipe and the hose. Every detail is executed efficiently, accurately and reliably. Nothing is loose, no cracks or holes. All securely fastened with rubber gaskets and water will not spill from somewhere.


Noise is very loud.

It weighs a lot. If the vacuum cleaner is empty, it weighs 9 kg. Add the 4-5 liters of water and turns significantly. While vymoesh apartment, he can cover the whole and then you have to go into the shower.

The power cord is not wound up automatically and stored inside the body.

The nozzle is very much, it’s kind of nice, but there is no place to hide them this is a big minus! It seems to me that most of them we did not use.
Comment: suck up fine. With one room I gathered as much sand and dirt as we expected from all over the apartment. Strongly recommend for families with small children or pets. And all just because the cleanliness of the apartment is very important. Although it’s not cheap, but it justifies itself. Our family is happy.

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