Choose the Right Vacuum Cleaner for the Home

In order to get value for your money, it is best to know the basics of vacuum cleaners. According to numerous vacuum cleaner reviews, there are two basic types of vacuum cleaners – uprights and cylinders.

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Uprights work by beating out the dirt via a built-in brush bar before sucking in the dirt and debris. Although it also works on bare floors, the upright vacuum cleaner is perfect for homes or condos with carpeted floors. Key features according to vacuum cleaner reviews:

A.) Uprights effectively groom carpets, making them look neat and attractive.

B.) Packed with superior wattage as well as motor and airflow power, uprights are more effective in cleaning large spaces with heavy traffic.

C.) Upright bagless vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters get rid of 99% of asthma-inducing particles on the plowed surfaces.

As effective as upright vacuum cleaners are, several vacuum cleaner reviews have pointed out several disadvantages. An upright can be pain to use by tall individuals. They have to stoop a bit since most units’ handles cannot be adjusted. Because of its large size, this vacuum cleaner type doesn’t clean corners and tight spaces well. It is also not recommended for use in stairs unless a stair attachment is used.

Canister Cacuum Cleaners - Choose the Right Vacuum Cleaner for the HomeCylinder Vacuum Cleaners Cylinder or Canister Cacuum Cleaners

Simply put by vacuum cleaner reviews, are those units that you pull as you clean. This compact type of vacuum cleaner is composed of a base unit, hose and nozzle and brush attachment. Cylinders work by turning its motor in to a fan to suction dirt, hair and other particles. Other key features as highlighted in vacuum cleaner reviews:

A.) Cylinders are perfect for home with stairs since you’ll only be working with the hose and attachment instead of the entire unit.

B.) Cleaning under furniture pieces as well as in tight and hard to reach corners is easy with the use of the cylinder’s hose.

C.) Cylinders are best when used in tiled, wooden or vinyl surfaces. It is also gentler on upholstery and carpets.

D.) Cylinder bagless vacuum cleaners are cheaper since consistent change of dust bags isn’t needed.

The most obvious disadvantage of a cylinder is that it is not meant for use in carpets and rugs. It doesn’t effectively remove the stuck debris on it. Most cylinders, even those bagless vacuum cleaners, do not really have high wattage which makes them not as powerful as uprights.

Price Range

Cylinder and upright vacuum cleaners can retail from $30 to $350 depending on the brand and model. Realistically, you need to spend about $50 to get an effective cylinder and $80 above for the bagless vacuum cleaners. For the uprights, well-equipped, upright bagless vacuum cleaners retails for about $100 and above.

What to Buy

After taking note of all your vacuum cleaner needs, find a unit with key features that suits your budget. Also, don’t hesitate to test out several models in the store to determine the cleaner’s noise level.

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